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Slip & fall frequently asked questions

What are the most common causes of slip and fall accidents?

Slip/trip and fall accidents can occur just about anywhere. However, common causes of slip and falls include:

• Wet surfaces
• Uneven surfaces, including poorly maintained sidewalks
• Bad weather conditions
• Improper training
• Freshly waxed surfaces

What are the common injuries that occur as a result of a slip/trip and fall?

The most common areas of the body that experience injury as a result of a slip and fall are:

• Back
• Hips
• Knees
• Ankles
• Feet
• Shoulders
• Head
• Hands/Wrists

Should I get legal help with my slip/trip and fall claim?

Ultimately the decision to seek a personal injury attorney to handle your slip/trip and fall case is up to you. However, if the injuries that you suffered as a result of your slip/trip and fall are serious, contacting a personal injury attorney sooner rather than later is likely in your best interest. Slip/trip and fall cases are often contested by the negligent party. We will work on proving liability on the part of the defendant so you can focus on what is truly important, treating with your doctors and therapists and getting healthy again.

How long after my slip/trip and fall do I have to file my case with the court?

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania you have two years from the date that your accident to either settle your claim with the negligent party or file a lawsuit.

Am I entitled to receive a copy of the accident report from my slip and fall?

No, technically the accident report for your slip/trip and fall case is the property of the property owner. However, you can ask the owner for a copy of the report.

The compensation for your slip/trip and fall case will depend on the specific circumstances of your case. No one case is the same. However, you may be entitled to:

1) Compensation for pain and suffering
2) Money to cover medical expenses related to your injuries
3) Lost wages
4) Loss of your job
5) Out of pocket expenses related to your claim